Liturgical Commission

The aim of this commission is to help the church celebrate the unity of followers with God and between themselves. Liturgical celebrations must be continuously updated to make sure that they remain relevant to the congregation. The job of the Liturgical Commission is to ensure that through well thought and organised liturgical celebrations the congregation has the opportunity to experience God in their lives. This Commission meets at least once a month to ensure that all liturgical celebrations carried out in the parish are carried out in a dignified manner that befits the Word of God, at the same time ensuring that the community is actually getting a positive experience that is enriching their spiritual lives.

Currently the Liturgical Commission is composed by 7 members. These are Fr Robin Camilleri (Archpriest), Jesmond Inguanez (Chairperson), Marylene Farrugia (Secretary), Fr. Aurelio Mule Stagno, Gino Parnis, Sandra Inguanez, Mario Caruana.

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