Children's and Adolescents' Choir

This choir started in 2006 with the sole aim that more children attended Sunday mass. This idea was conceived by Fr Joe Grech, the then Archpriest of Senglea and Mrs Janet Abela. The latter, with great patience and dedication, managed to build this choir who welcomes both children and adolescents. In time members become themselves leaders of this group. At the beginning this group started with enlivening mass every first Sunday of the month. As part of the preparations rehearsals were conducted on Wednesday before the first Sunday of the month. During these meetings members rehearsed the readings and prayers, as well as, learned new hymns to sing. Other activities organised include talent shows and activities for Mother's Day based on the members' various talents.

As a group we believe in the holistic formation of the individual. Accordingly we promote these activities so that our members not only strengthen their character but also acquire self-confidence in the process. At the same time they learn to work in a team while becoming more responsible. From May 2013 this choir has started to take part in two masses per month; the first and the third Sunday. Rehearsals are always carried out every preceding Tuesday. Members are informed every month when it is their turn to take part during that month.

While work is important, having fun is also essential. For this reason we also organise activities like film shows, swimming and a number of outings throughout the year so that children are kept happy and busy in a safe and healthy environment. Today this group is led by Romina Powell, Pauline Schembri, Sandra Inguanez and Janet Abela who still gives a helping hand when it is needed. Those parents who wish their children to form part of this choir should contact the Archpriest or Ms Romina Powell.

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